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Welcome to The Texas Tuition Promise Fund®


  • Applications will be accepted through July 31, 2022 for children less than one year of age at the time of enrollment.
  • Applications for general enrollment will be accepted again during the next enrollment period starting September 1, 2022.

If you wish to enroll by mail, download a paper application, download an Enrollment Kit, or request an Enrollment Kit be mailed to you.

If you need assistance completing this application, please contact us.

Applying Online

Enrolling online is the easy, secure way to open a Texas Tuition Promise Fund account.

  • FIRST, read the Plan Description and Master Agreement (“Plan Description”).
    The Purchaser must read these documents prior to submitting this Application. By submitting this Application, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of the Plan Description and this Application, and you are certifying that you meet all eligibility requirements of the program.
  • SECOND, applying online requires electronic payment of the application fee ($25) by way of ACH debit from a checking or savings account.
    • The application fee is $25 for the first contract purchased and is non-refundable. If you have an existing, open contract for the same beneficiary, the application fee is waived for additional applications that you submit for the same beneficiary.

    If you would like to pay by check or money order, please download a paper application, download an Enrollment Kit, or request an Enrollment Kit be mailed to you.
  • THIRD, contract payments will not be due until approximately 60-90 days after the application is received. You will be billed based on the plan type and payment method selected. You can cancel a contract application any time prior to your first payment due date, and receive a full refund of any payments received during this time, less the non-refundable application fee and any additional fees that are due at that time. You will not receive any earnings on such cancellations. For details regarding Cancellations and Refunds, please see the Plan Description.
  • FOURTH, you will receive program documents and information about making payments after your application is processed. Please allow two weeks for receipt of this information.
  • LASTLY, make sure you have the following information ready before you get started.
    This will help minimize the time you spend in completing your online application.
    • Your social security number
    • Your beneficiary's social security number
    • Your beneficiary's date of birth
    • Your e-mail address
    • Your selected tuition plan type
    • Your preferred payment option
    • Your bank account number and routing number to pay the application fee and to establish automatic monthly payments


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The Texas Tuition Promise Fund® ("Plan") is administered by the Texas Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Board ("Board") and Orion Advisor Solutions, Inc. is the plan manager. The Plan and the Board do not provide legal, financial, or tax advice and participants in the Plan should consult a legal, financial, or tax advisor prior to purchasing a contract.

Participation in the Plan does not guarantee admission to or graduation from any college or university. Only the purchaser may direct redemptions, withdrawals, changes in beneficiary, or other contract changes. Non-residents of Texas should consider whether their home state, or the beneficiary’s home state, offers residents any tax or other state benefits, such as financial aid, scholarship funds, and protection from creditors, that are only available for participants in that state’s plan.

You may lose money by participating in the Plan. No part of a contract is a deposit or obligation of, or is guaranteed or insured by, the Board, the state of Texas, or any agency or agent thereof. The contracts have not been registered with or approved by the SEC or any state. Purchasers should carefully consider the risks, administrative fees, service and other charges and expenses associated with the contracts, including Plan termination and decreased transfer or refund value. Transfer value applies to tuition unit redemption at medical and dental institutions, private and out-of-state colleges and universities, career schools and registered apprenticeship programs. Transfer value is limited to the lesser of (1) the costs the Tuition Unit would cover at a public college or university or (2) the original purchase price of the Tuition Unit plus or minus the Plan’s net investment earnings or losses on that amount. The Plan Description and Master Agreement contains this and other information about the Plan and may be obtained by visiting www.texastuitionpromisefund.com or calling 800-445-GRAD (4723), Option #5. Purchasers should read the document carefully before purchasing a contract.

Comments or complaints may be mailed to: Prepaid Higher Education Tuition Program, Office of the Comptroller of Public Accounts, P.O. Box 13407, Austin, Texas 78711-3407; or, by calling (512) 936-2064.

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